About Us

Welcome to The Cream Warehouse, the skincare brand that empowers you in your skincare journey. The Cream Warehouse was founded in 2017 by 'J' and 'Mali' at ages 15 & 12. Our business was inspired by a family trip to Ghana in 2017, where we brought a lot of Shea Butter back to the UK. We then thought to ourselves, why don't we use all this Shea Butter to create our own business, so we brainstormed different business ideas and eventually came up with 'The Cream Warehouse' brand, the vegan friendly brand that makes you feel great and smell great.
Once we decided on our name, we knew we had to be different, be a brand like no other, which is why we use vegan-friendly fragrances which are young, fresh and fun.

The Jam Bros - Creators of The Cream Warehouse